Diamond Shapes

A timeless look and the most popular diamond shape. The round diamond represents the highest advances in diamond cutting, maximizing fire, brilliance and sparkle.
An Oval Diamond
The oval cut shares the same brilliant faceting style as a round diamond. Its elongated shape has a surface area that creates the illusion of length, making it a popular cut for smaller hands.
A Pear Diamond
The teardrop-shaped pear has both modern and vintage charm. Its unique cut flatters petite hands and lends a larger appearance to smaller carats.
An Emerald Diamond
Flattering on long hands, the emerald cut features corner facets and broad flat planes. You'll rarely see this cut in lower grades as inclusions are more obvious in this shape.
A Radiant Diamond
Similar to an emerald cut with the brilliance of a round diamond. The radiant cut can range from square to rectangle and is more forgiving of inclusions.
A Cushion Diamond
A favorite among royalty for centuries — the cushion shape varies in appearance with a square or rectangular shape and soft, rounded corners.
A Marquise Diamond
A graceful shape with curved sides and pointed ends. A marquise diamond can appear larger face-up while making fingers look long and slender.
A Princess Diamond
This contemporary cut adapts well to a variety of settings. It has pointed corners and a modified brilliant facet arrangement that offers exceptional sparkle.
A Heart Diamond
A modified round brilliant cut and the most romantic diamond shape. The cut must be exact with perfect symmetry, proportions and a well-defined outline.
An Asscher Diamond
An Art-Deco inspired shape often referred to as the "square emerald cut." It features a stepped square cut and cropped corners.

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